Grit & Grace: Tricia D. Young

“I am a proud mother of 3 wonderful daughters, an entrepreneur, a fitness & boxing enthusiast, a Babson College MBA and humanitarian. My journey as an entrepreneur was born of necessity. In 2013, I experienced three major life-changing events that changed my entire outlook and goals for the future. I learned that I was gravely ill, shortly after that I lost my job of 15+ years as a business executive, and shortly after that separated from my husband of 15+ years. It was honestly the MOST trying time of my life but I emerged with an unwavering determination to stay healthy, re-invent myself, and immerse myself in work that would be impactful, particularly for those who are dealing with transition given what I had experienced. During this time I launched my consulting practice, in which we design and facilitate entrepreneurial programs and provide management consulting services for companies looking to scale.

Several years later, I received an invitation to join Boston Mayor Martin Walsh's mentorship movement to be a mentor and help inspire more inner-city young people to learn more about entrepreneurship, particularly youth who may or may not have a criminal record, be in school, or have a job. This was particularly important where crime was and still a big issue for this demographic. One thing led to another and through a collaboration with ROCA and other area agencies, an entrepreneurial program was born. In 2015, I launched my non-profit, the TLE Center for Urban Entrepreneurship to house this and other training programs for young people.

On a personal level, I consider myself to be a fundamentally kind and caring person. This keeps me grounded with what’s important as a leader and influencer in my space. I am passionate, driven, and a continuous learner. I am not afraid to make a mistake for I believe that there is a lesson in everything. My passion is to help others who are in transition via entrepreneurship and to inspire more young people to start companies that improve the communities in which they live and serve.

I am continually motivated and inspired by my daughters; everything I have done and will do is with their best interests in mind. Through them, I am encouraged to remain relentless in the pursuit of excellence and the creation of a legacy.

My field of work is male-dominated and there are noticeably few women that are of color or immigrant background in my space so to be representing this demographic and working collaboratively with all of the other players in my space is a true honor!”

Tricia Young is the President of TLE Urban Center for Entrepreneurship and Principal of TLE Consulting Group. For more information: and