Grit & Grace: Annika Johnson McKenna

"I am a second generation Silversmith. My mother, Carolyn Johnson, is a scrimshaw and watercolor artist. My father Robert F. Johnson is a master silver and gold smith.

From an early age, I loved looking at rocks. As a kid, I would come home with pockets full of them! Some of my earliest memories are of creating jewelry along with my family in our studio. My father is the biggest influence in my life. Both artistically, and personally he gives more of himself than anyone I know. My fascination with nature has continued to this day. Whether it’s fall foliage, the shape of a small stone, or the unique color of a piece of sea glass, I am constantly inspired by the natural world around me.

I am blessed with the ability to do what I love. Since silversmithing is traditionally a man’s artistic medium, I’m honored to represent women in this role. I love connecting with people and seeing something I made bring them happiness. My customers are like family; I look forward to seeing every year."

Annika is the Owner and Founder of SeaSalt Designs