Grit & Grace: Becky Bishop Abbott

“I became interested in construction in my twenties when I was working a desk job and found myself tinkering around in my free time to satiate my creative needs. I’ve always sought a balance between the creative and the concrete. Much of my story has been shaped by bouts of depression, so there’s been a continuous push-and-pull to work out how my vocation speaks to my emotional health and vice versa. I find worth in helping others do things they didn’t know they were capable of doing. I love when a group of people come together and create something that is bigger than the sum of its parts. This has most often taken the form of putting a bunch of kids in a room together with instruments and being blown away by their ability to rise to the occasion and play music together.

I was drawn to The Children’s Piazza as a place where my friends felt safe to let their kids play and explore, while they as parents could feel some calm and restoration. Kids need to play, and caregivers need opportunities to recharge. I love that we’re providing a space that allows both, while also fostering community and a sense of belonging.

I’m motivated to see others succeed and overcome. I’m inspired by the brave people who are willing to share their stories, because every shared experience can pull someone off their own island of struggle. We are each other’s greatest resources. It’s tempting (especially in a world driven by social media) to try to act like we always have it together and that we always know what we’re doing. I think it’s important to discuss the challenges we face and encourage each other to reach out and receive support when we need it.”

Becky Bishop Abbott is Co-owner of The Children’s Piazza, Licensed Contractor, and Musician

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