Grit & Grace: Lauren Kroesser Moran

“The most important thing to me is family and community. That’s why I chose to open Honeycomb in Hamilton, the area in which I grew up. I want to give a little bit back to the North Shore and help pave the way for others to do the same. My family is incredibly supportive and helpful in all ways. My father has even been known to wash dishes at Honeycomb when we are short-staffed! My mother comes by almost every day to help in any way she can and my husband is a co-owner with me. We work together, as our own beehive!

The biggest compliment to me, is seeing people happily enjoying their food/drink, while conversing with others at our cafe. To see the farm table, full of people of all ages, happily enjoying their day is gold to me! I love seeing mothers and children laughing, meetings happening and an older couple reading the newspaper all at the same time. It gives me a sense that people are comfortable here and it means a lot to see everyone chatting and catching up, instead of being buried in their cell phone. It is also so lovely for me to see my employees learn and explore their passions. All of my cooks share my passion for food and I make sure they have the ability to be creative also. It’s that collaboration that keeps everyone excited and learning! They teach me as much as I teach them!

Opening a new business was so much work, literal blood sweat and tears! Now that we’re established, letting go of every decision is difficult, but necessary. I have finally gotten to the point where I can take a day off and trust that Honeycomb is running smoothly. It’s hard, but I need to be better about trusting people and letting others take over a bit too.

As a society, we have been getting back to our roots over the last decade and appreciating the land, the farmers and the makers. I hope that doesn’t get forgotten again, but instead grows more. It’s important to celebrate where we’re from and the bounty of our natural North Shore!”

Lauren is Owner and Chef at Honeycomb Bakery in Hamilton, MA. For more info: