Grit & Grace: Melinda Walsh

“I have always loved food. I think about it a lot... every night before going to bed I think about my morni"ng coffee and what I am going to eat for breakfast. While eating breakfast, I’m usually planning lunch and dinner. I love not only the taste of coffee but also the daily ritual that it adds to my day.

Ever since I met my husband, we have dreamed about opening a coffee shop. The first thing we do when traveling is to locate the coffee shops to visit and take notes on what we like, and what we would do differently. After our son, Finlay, was born, we decided to stop dreaming, share our love of coffee, and live out our passions. We dove deep into the world of coffee to learn everything we could and began the journey by building a coffee cart in our backyard and served our first coffee at the Swampscott Farmers Market. After an amazing summer we were hooked and knew we wanted to continue to share coffee.

At the time, I was struggling at a job I didn’t love. I found myself constantly thinking about and dreading work and this took away from the time that I did have with my family. I knew I wanted to work outside the home, but I just couldn’t justify giving up time with my family to be at a job I did not enjoy. This prompted me to seriously consider our “coffee shop dream” and make it a reality. All of our experiences tasting coffee and visiting coffee shops around the world helped us create our shop that I now get to share with others.

Now, when I leave for work, I am excited for my day. I come feeling content knowing that I am living out my passion, which has made me a better wife and mother. It is so important to me that my children don’t grow up thinking work is something to be dreaded on a daily basis but something to be passionate about and take pride in.

Nothing makes my heart happier than serving friends and family food that makes them smile.

I’m so humbled by the fact that everyday I get to serve people a perfect latte and a warm blueberry muffin, knowing that it is going to put a smile on their face. It definitely makes it worth the craziness of small business ownership!”