Grit & Grace: Dianne Kaplan Bucco

“I am a middle child and only daughter who grew up in the 70-80’s. I graduated college with a romance language degree and certifications for group fitness instruction. I fell into a teaching position and loved it so I completed a masters program in teaching. I taught languages and fitness at all levels in all sorts of environments. I met my husband John and got married and had 3 kids. I stayed at home with them and volunteered wherever they were for about 10 years. I re-entered the workforce in more of a secretarial position and 5 years later I fell into the Town Clerk opportunity. Falling into this position was finding the perfect job for me at the perfect time! It still feels like that. My children have now all graduated college and becoming more and more independent every year.

I developed my work ethic from watching both my parents and also from my elementary education. My parents have always been very dedicated to whatever they chose to do and I have seen them feel success when their goal is attained. In my elementary school years, I learned amazing study habits and the importance of hard work from my teachers (Mrs. Madorsky, Ms. Morgan & Mr. Shulman)

I find my worth in the impact I make in other people’s lives; my husband’s, my children’s, my parents’ and my community’s. My passion in life is teaching others: from how to walk, to ski, to exercise, to speak other languages, to participate in your local community. I like to make sure others understand anything they need/want to know.”

Dianne Kaplan Bucco is the Town Clerk for the town of Wenham, MA