Grit & Grace: Katherine Hooper

“My original goal in life was to be the Artistic Director and Choreographer for a dance company only; however I quickly learned a few years into founding the dance company, that it was not realistic to make a sustainable living. I decided opening a dance studio was the best way to facilitate my passion for bringing dance to the community and continue to offer the professional dance company a space to thrive. I founded the BoSoma Dance Company in Boston in 2003, and then in 2010 opened the Mass Motion Dance North studio educating children ages 3-18 of the art of dance. In 2017, I moved the studio to Hamilton and changed the name to BoSoma School of Dance.

Dance is the movement of the soul; we all have a rhythm within us, it’s just how we let it out. Helping others pull the movement out, nurturing students and my professional dancers to rise to a place of excellence through the technique and art of dance makes my heart sing. Guiding children to find their voice and confidence through movement individually and within a supportive group gives my work value, as does seeing my dance work come to life on stage.

The driving force in my professional career is keeping dance alive in our culture and communities. I am fiercely passionate about not letting the art of dance die. Inspiring youth to appreciate dance and learn the art of it, whether they continue to dance in their future or become a supporter of the art so that they go see dance performances motivates me. The warm reception that BoSoma School of Dance has received since moving to Hamilton and BoSoma Dance Company has received for our performances at the Larcom Theatre in Beverly has inspired me to believe that there is a need and desire to keep dance alive here on the North Shore!”

Katherine Hooper is the Artistic Director of BoSoma Dance Company and Owner of BoSoma School of Dance in Hamilton, Massachusetts.