Grit & Grace: Tachou Dubuisson Brown

“I am a woman with an independent soul that drives my being.  Being born a middle child, it has always been my destiny to pave my own way through this life. Somewhere deep inside me I have always had this yearning to be and do great things for others.

After six years of being dissatisfied climbing the corporate ladder and sitting behind a computer, I decided I needed a change. At 5’10” and a size 2 (at the time), I had often been asked if I was a model or if I played for the WNBA.  My one season basketball career from high school did not qualify me for WNBA tryouts, so I decided to look into modeling instead. I took a personal day off from the office and walked into several modeling agencies in Boston. I had no experience. Every agency turned me down, except for the last door.  She said yes, and the rest, as they say, is history. Eighteen years later, my modeling career is still going strong! My modeling career is what helped me cultivate my personal independence. Becoming a model meant I was now in more control of my life and finances.

I was born to Haitian parents who legally came to the United States to further their education.  My father moved our family to Beverly where he became very active in politics. My parents started the first organized soccer league in Beverly.  After my parents divorced when I was eight, my education was strictly enforced by my mother. She kept us in Beverly to ensure I stayed on track with my grades.  My mother has taught me so much, including the value of hard work. Being a young single mom, raising my two siblings and me, she worked two jobs to make ends meet. She made sure we understood that we each had the responsibility to provide for each other.  Of the many lessons she (and my grandmother) taught me one stands out the most: there isn’t anything in this world that I need that I can’t provide for myself.

When I became a mother of two boys, I fell into the common dilemma most moms run into.  “I want to take care of my babies but I have a lot of career left in me!” In October of 2018, the opportunity arose to own a yoga studio in my hometown. Given my positive upbringing, being able to give back to my community in this way has been a dream come true. I firmly believe that introducing yoga to children at a young age is crucial, as it teaches body awareness and mindfulness which produces healthier behaviors into adulthood. Purchasing The Village Oasis has given me the opportunity to do this with my children by my side.  Parker, age seven, and Logan, age five, love practicing with me. Parker uses his breathing techniques when his brother “gets him worked up.” I’ll take that over aggression any day!

I understand that each and every one of us has a purpose in our lifetime. My passion in life is to spread joy and help others achieve genuine inner happiness.”

Tachou Dubuisson Brown is the owner of The Village Oasis in Beverly, MA, a yoga instructor, a professional model, and a mom. The Village Oasis class schedule can be found on